About Us

Who We Are

SuprGys facilitates millions of underprivileged and blue-collar workers, thus providing local employment, free of cost, directly from nearby employers, without the middlemen in between. In turn, the platform makes it effortless, quick, trustworthy & affordable for millions of employers to discover & hire nearby workers. With our vision to eliminate poverty labor, worker exploitation, and human trafficking, SuprGys is working towards developing an ecosystem of inclusive economic expansion for India's underprivileged unorganized blue-collar workforce.

Our Awesome Features

 At SuprGys, with technology, it is possible to make an ecosystem that can enable millions of blue-collar workforce find local employment opportunities. The ecosystem can sustain itself in the method with a nominal fee. We firmly believe that technology today can affect millions in multiple ways.

Blue-collar workers

We at SuprGys strive to offer the best daily assistance services at your doorstep. Our range of services offers both full-time and part-time blue-collar workers available at the click of a button.


With a few clicks of buttons, you can now make a booking as per your requirements and Suprgys will take care of the rest. No need to waste your precious time on such tasks.

Without the middlemen

Connect with your nearby workers instantly, without the middlemen in between.

Why Choose Us?

A trendy way to locate & hire workers near you. Easy & Quick | Reliable & Affordable | without the middlemen Discover multiple legally verified Workers near you, connect with them directly & hire anyone you like, without the middlemen. Discover & Hire !!! Domestic Workers | Office Workers | Expats Workers | Permanent Drivers | Healthcare Workers | Store Workers | Restaurant Workers | Salon Workers | School Workers | Factory Workers | Construction Workers | Automotive Workers

Frequently Asked Questions

The answer is technology. And a whole lot of groundwork. SuprGys has made it possible to locate & hire 100+ profiles of blue-collar workers near you online. And it is rather easy as well - as manageable as taking a cab through apps. The platform utilizes problematic algorithms to help you directly connect with numerous workers near you without any middlemen. You can connect with a couple of workers near you and hire anyone you want.
It is pretty simple. First, you sign in with your credentials. Second, you search for the profile of workers around your location. The platform automatically fetches and assigns a couple of best-rated workers to your search result. Third, you pay a nominal fee and connect with every worker who features in your search result. Among them, you hire whoever you want, permanently. In the end, you pay the salary straight to the worker.
You can locate & hire different profiles of Workers through SuprGys And you can hire the workers permanently. You can find & hire workers like: Domestic Workers; Drivers; School Workers; Restaurant Workers; Salon Workers; Office Workers; Factory Workers; Store Workers; Hospital Workers; Construction Workers; Automotive Workers; And multiple more
No, we don't. For Workers, the service is FREE. The platform enables workers discover local employment free of cost.